Jak was born on an outer space colony settled originally by German colonist. Jak, and his family made their money mostly selling exotic pelts of the land, however they still ate earth born cattle brought with them from the home world. Jak often skinned the exotic animals that resembled that of a large scaled bird. At age 15 Jak was hunting when a large raggedy ship emerged from the sky sending the wildlife scurrying all around him. Unaware that the covenant existed in the galaxy, Jak was dumbfounded, along with most of the garrison Militia on the planet. Jak immediately ran to his home to find new species large and small, later finding out they were grunts, Jackals, and Elites.

He finally ran up to his house, the only thing he wanted to do was see his parents. Jak reached for the door handle, when he found a Large lizard like creature come out, blue sword in hand. Jak fell backwards, as the being raised his sword above his head. "Scheisse!" He shouted, as Jak quickly raised, then fired his hunting shotgun, completely taking off the soldiers jaw, and right side of his face.

Jak stared at the dead scaled creature that laid no more than a few feet from his shoes. He couldn't pay attention to that however. Jak ran and dove inside his house only to find his parents, in less fortunate conditions. He didn't know what to do, he just wanted to talk to his parents, hug them even. Jak couldn't even tell himself why this was happening. He was afraid of what lay ahead. The young German decided that if his parents were dead, he wasn't going to let his brothers die as well. Jak decided to fight.

It was then that bullets exploded. The Colonial Militia finally managed to come together, making a somewhat stand. As sparks of yellow and globs of blue and green exchanged themselves outside his home. Jak, enraged with the death of his parents grabbed his fathers rifle, along with his shotgun, and ran outside immediately coming face to face with a grunt, who was running away. Jak caught, then killed the grunt with the but of his shotgun. More shots rang, as Jak took cover against the corner of his house. He saw a large force of "Monsters" fighting with the militia who took cover in the tree line. Jak took aim with his rifle and fired at an Elite, the first round bounced of the monsters armor, but the second entered his neck almost taking of his head. The covenant noticed Jak and immediately opened fire, forcing Jak to lay on the floor as blue plasma flew above him.

Jak was afraid. Its almost funny. Most people are too brave to say it. "I was afraid." He attempted to avoid getting shot. Jak honestly thought he was going to die. There was a sudden force, a blue explosion that he escaped. However the concussion from the blast he did not. Jak was thrown backwards. He thought he was dead, but he was relieved. He lifted his head, and saw a flock of metal birds land, as they fired machine guns. They opened up. Soldiers hidden inside the birds came out, rifle in hand. Suddenly Jak was not afraid, only dizzy. The soldiers carried new guns, they pumped lead into covenant. The militia was still in the treeline, as the soldiers from the birds rushed in to help. "Check that kid out!" a soldier shouted, as he, and a small squad of soldiers exchanged fire with the invaders, giving another soldier a chance to drag Jak away from the house.

"Ich uberlebte." I lived is what Jak said as he tried to stay focused. Jak saw the biggest being, blue shield on one arm and laser beam in the other. It roared as it aimed its arm cannon. The soldiers didn't run however. One soldier actually walked forward with a cannon over his shoulder. He was an engineer, that's what their called. The brave being fired a rocket into the monster, sending it to oblivion. Jak was amazed at the bravery, but he was tired as well. Jak was eventually moved onto a ship, after the battle that was. Jak was an orphan along with his brothers Liam, and Wilm, and eventually put into a orphanage, he learned better English. At age 18 he joined the UNSC

Jak was promoted by a Sergeant John Basilone, and then by a Sergeant Todd Pinson resulting in him becoming and NCO.

During a hostile boarding Jak was using a standard issue UNSC flame thrower, and resulted in blowing a fuse line which eventually had him medically discharged for several months before returning later with the rank of Private.

Trivia Edit

  • Although he is suppose to speak English, Jak has trouble with the language, and often combines it with German
  • Jak carries heavier weapons on the battle field, such as M41 or Spartan Laser