"Bang up job, huh?"-Private Elans Santiago

Private Elans Santiago is the sister of Leonardo Santiago and a new transfer to the 41st Engineering Corps. She serves under Sergeant Major Axel Hunter and 41st XO Gunnery Sergeant Hannah Klossner. She transferred to the UNSC Warspite on 8/22/2555, shortly after the death of her brother, Leonardo Santiago.

Appearance Edit

Elans is a very well rounded figure, showing little to no signs of muscle in her body, except taking on a more feminine figure. Her tanned caramel skin fits her eye and hair color perfectly. Her bone structure is sharp like Leonardo's, taking on a nice jawline and cheekbones. Her hair reaches to about her breasts. The style she wears it in is choppy. It takes a color of a dark chocolate brown. Her eyes take on a bright amber, refracting in the light.

She stands at a very short 5'6, being dwarfed by most, if not all men on the ship. She is resilient, yes, but easily hurtable. She has slim arms and a flat stomach.


Personality Edit

Unlike Leo, she isn't brash and abrasive. She's quite shy, barely talking to many people without breaking down. She often hides behind bigger and stronger people to protect herself, both in verbal and physical assaults. Although she can hold herself in a fight, she prefers to not get in them. She's very obedient, following all her NCO's orders to a point that she'd die for them. She's distraught by her brother's recent death, having breakdowns time to time. She's grown onto Odenmier and Shane from the short time she's spent with them.

She retains her maturity for her bodytype and age correlation

Early Life Edit

Elans was born in Houston, Texas. She lived alongside Leo. The duo were inseparable, working together in the garage like sword and shield. They went to the same school, same class, even the same college. She often looked to Leo as her protector, hiding behind him when needed. She loved Leo with all her dear heart, and followed him to the end. When Leo enlisted, she stayed as a civilian, but ended up enlisting too.

Quotes Edit

"O-Odenmier, I'm scared!"


"I don't care!"

"Leave me alone!"