Faction Description Edit

"After the Human-Covenant War, with the deaths of all of the major Prophets, the Jiralhanae reverted back to a war-like state and began fighting amongst themselves as a result of their tribal ideology and minor cultural differences. For the most part, they are hostile to all, even other Jiralhanae, and only live for the glorification of their pack through fighting and pillaging. The Bloodpack is a fairly large Jiralhanae pack that was gathered by a powerful, relentless, and somewhat intelligent War Chieftain. Using a looted UNSC ship, along with the continued use of Jiralhanae Power Armor, they prowl the galaxy, looking for any enemy to destroy and pillage." Edit

Gameplay wise Edit

The Brute Bloodpack is one of the main factions that the player can join. The faction is unique from other factions in that it is portrayed as an antangonistic faction in events where Brutes are present. An approved application is required before a player can join this faction. The Bloodpack at the moment, requires a donation towards the server before you are able to make an application. This was created to allow the people in the faction to have certain privileges unaccustomed to the regular players on the server.