Name: Antoin Sarnok

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Affiliation: United Nations Space Command Defense Force, Air Force Pilot

Date of Birth: April 17th, 2531

Kin: Wife.

County/Homeword: Sedra

Alignment: Lawful Good

Height: 6 Foot, 1 Inches

Weight: 178 Lbs.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Bright Blue

Build: Very Muscular


Strength: 11/20

Dexterity: 12/20

Constitution: 11/20

Intelligence: 12/20

Wisdom: 12/20

Awareness: 14/20

Charisma: 13/20

Misc Attributes:

Combat Rating: 7/10

Pain/Health: 10/10

Wealth: Moderately Wealthy

Character Description: 

Backstory: Born April 17th, 2531. That day of the year for the culture he was born into was known as The day of the Phoenix. His parents, because of this, called him their Phoenix. Antoin grew up on the outskirts of a neighborhood near the city of Fensalir on Planet Sedra where there were about 200 houses, 1 School for all ages, a population of 340, and other buildings through out. he didn't know many people other than his parents, a few neighborhood kids, a few stray cats, and a retired Airman of the UNSC. Antoin was a bit secluded and knew when to keep his mouth shut, though he didn't like talking very much as it was. He tried to make friends with the other kids in the area but failed at it in his earlier years. One day while he was crying on his porch the Airman next door walked over to him and asked why he was crying, Antoin replied saying that he had scraped his knee on the concrete. The Airman got up and went back to his house, a few minutes later he came back with a pack of band-aids that had Spacebits on them as the design. He applied it to Antoins knee and patted the kids back. 

1st Lieutenant Fenrir O'learry was his name and rank before he retired. The Airman asked if it would be okay if he could be a form of Role model for Antoin. The parents thought that no harm would become of this so they agreed. Antoin heard lots of tales from the airman about his adventures in the UNSC. One day the Airman decided to teach him some combat skills as well as some Gun techniques, while under his supervision of course. Aside from that Antoin attended School regularly where his favorite classes were Social Studies and Science, specifically technological sciences, he also joined a cooking club as well as a martial arts class. He made more friends and his one true girlfriend whose name was Cierra Nicole. To him she was his soul mate, though she was sure they weren't gonna last. Up until he was about 16 he hung out with the Airman four times a week, but over time the Airman took more trips to the hospital and Antoin spent less and less time with him, at one point the airman said that Antoin could practice using his gear and guns whenever he felt like it and that he no longer needed to be there to chaperon him.

About two years later the Airman died of Pancreatic Cancer leaving his old equipment to Antoin to continue training. He continued to train hard and even taught his girlfriend to defend herself, which made their relationship Stronger. When he graduated High School he thought about enlisting in the Air Force but made an early decision to marry Cierra. He loved her and made sure she felt that she was. Never once did they argue about anything bigger than a dish being left on the counter.

They wanted a child at one point, but learned that she was unable to have a child, she said that it would have been alright if he left her there but he just held her closer since that point. He eventually bought a Husky pup so that she wouldn't be sad. They were married for three years before he then decided to enlist into the Air Force, he trained with the Sedran Colonial Guard for two years and then moved onto the UNSC. After two more years of training, he joined the UNSCAF as a Pilot to make the old man proud as well as to train, protect his family, and learn more about the aerial vehicles in this Universe. For 4 years Antoin trained at the Anafi Aerial academy where he was given the rank as Senior Cadet of Phoenix Flight, he was tasked with leading the other Eight cadets under his command. 

Due to his rigorous training, he pushed his flight to their limits and gained a nickname because of it, he was called the "Vulture" though he didn't pay any mind to it. Every Monday was Weapons training, they would train with SMG's, Shotguns, Magnums, and MA-5D's as well as a SRS99 Sniper from time to time. Every Tuesday they would Drill, Drills included standing at attention, putting on the gear, Left-Face, Right-Face, About-Face, etc... Wednesdays were used as free days where they could train where they saw fit, they could also relax if they so desired, but Antoin told them they had to do some form of training that day or they would forfeit their meal the next day. Thursdays were P.T. in BDU's, Antoin would lead them on a tour around the Academy early in the morning to the point of exhaustion and later in the afternoon he would do simple exercises which included pushups, Sit-ups, Plank for an extended period, and then they would hit the machines and the gym, occasionally however they would be put into Milsims and would fight other Flights in a tactical Deathmatch. 

Fridays would be flight training, they would hop in their respected simulations for the first two years and in the last two they flew actual vehicles in controlled flight. Antoin enjoyed flying the Hornet, it was fast, nimble, and easy to use. Saturdays and Sundays they would wear their blues and go to their classes, this included flight pattern lessons, tactics, radio discipline, etiquette, and Case files of previously known incidents to avoid. The only exception to this schedule was when they would do Simulation missions, events, or holidays. When he and his flight graduated, he gave them a firm salute and notified them that he was indeed proud of them. At graduation they were also assigned to their individual locations where they would serve in the reality of aerial warfare. Before he left to serve his time he returned home to Sedra where he spent 2 months with his wife and parents, he loved his wife dearly and told her that if he didn't come home not to mourn for him but rather to celebrate his passing for if he did die he would wait for them in Valhalla. Antoin was positioned on the UNSC Warspite to continue his training.